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Who We Are


The Helping Our People Elevate Foundation more commonly known as H.O.P.E was founded in 2021 by the Guyanese brothers Shawn and Gordon James. The 501 Nonprofit Organization was inspired by the desire to elevate the voices of the youth in Guyana.

The mission of the H.O.P.E Foundation is to serve the community of Guyana by bringing awareness to the needs of Guyana's under-represented youth and to provide the youngsters with opportunities and resources scarce due to misrepresentation and access.

Brothers, Shawn, and Gordon grew to develop a strong passion for playing basketball and their stories and experiences are a testament of hard work and opportunity. While they have overcome difficult challenges in their journeys, the commitment to their dreams offered them opportunities to pursue their aspirations of playing professional basketball around the world. While they continue to thrive and grow within their professions, the love for the game has inspired them to pursue a new dream, that is -to lift others and provide the youth of Guyana the opportunity to reach their own dreams and goals.

With the core mission driven by compassion, generosity, and kindness the H.O.P.E Foundation, acknowledges that there is strenuous work to be done to uplift communities. However, the H.O.P.E Foundation is committed to go the extra mile to provide Guyana’s youth with the tools that will allow them to reach their greatest potential and ultimately Help Our People Elevate.


"If it wasn't for basketball, we wouldn't have been able to travel the world and experience new things. Basketball really opened so many doors for us. "

Our Commitment

To Help Our People Elevate we plan in preparing youth to make informed life choices for themselves, their families, and their communities. The H.O.P.E Foundation aims to create a long lasting and positive impact on the community’s youth through a range of athletic and socially academic enrichment programs.


Our aim is to provide unique, life-changing experiences to the community’s youth, and to inspire them through exposure and data. H.O.P.E Foundation is dedicated to go above and beyond to prepare our youth to become responsible, actively engaged global citizens, and future leaders.

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